Heat and Line Control

CCS Machinery offers heat and line control panels to have complete control over your extrusion systems from one central point! Whether it is a simple heat control system using individual temperature control modules or a complex heat and line control system with complete control through an HMI, CCS Machinery has the solution for you.

Our heat and line control panels are capable of monitoring countless zones in multiple extruders and die assemblies. Our systems can monitor zone temperatures, heater loads, melt temperatures, melt pressures, and extruder/nip/air ring blower speeds. 

Simultaneously, they can control: 

  • Extruder/Air ring blower start/stop operations
  • Nip start/stop and open/close operations
  • Motor speeds
  • Alarms
  • Zone temperature set points using multi-loop controllers
  • Recipes
  • Master system speed option