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CCS Machinery, the industry leader for all custom designed blown film line equipment!

New Equipment

Budget Winders

CCS Machinery Budget Winders provide an excellent alternative to bulky turret winders for easy roll changes in tight spaces!

Cantilevered Winders

CCS Machinery provides Cantilevered Winders for narrow width applications with precision tension control for your products.

Die Carts

Do you need a stationary or oscillating die cart for your extrusion line? CCS Machinery has the solution for you!

Dual Turret Winders

CCS Machinery’s Dual Turret Winders compose of industry leading custom engineered solutions that offer state-of-the-art features suitable for simple to sophisticated winding needs, providing system versatility.


Do you have a reprocessing line?

CCS Machinery designs and builds pneumatic feed throats to best suit your reprocessing extrusion needs.

Heat and Line Control

Have complete control over your extrusion lines with a CCS Machinery Heat and Line Control panel! Capable of monitoring temperatures, pressures, and speeds of multiple extruders and die assemblies! 

Primary Nips

Ensure complete control of film thickness and consistent film draw with the use of a CCS Machinery Primary Nip and collapsing frame.

Printing Presses

Whether you need a printing press that is single or multi-color, in-line or stand-alone, CCS Machinery can cater to your printing needs.

Secondary Nips


Maintain consistent web tension to the winder with a CCS Machinery Secondary Nip!

Sheet Stacks

Are you running sheet extrusion lines?

CCS Machinery designs and builds sheet stacks to cool and control film thickness of your product!

Single Turret Winders

CCS Machinery’s HMI controlled Single Turret Winders allow for simple to complex winding needs to be met or exceeded, offering a wide range of speed capabilities and roll diameters with precise tension control.

Trim Winders

CCS Machinery’s Trim Winders provide a simple solution for slitter rewinding for machines with edge trim removal. These stand-alone trim winders can be easily incorporated into any existing system without control integration.

Winder Attachments

CCS Machinery offers shaftless winding attachments to allow any winder to be altered in minutes to better suit your winding needs!