Dual Turret Winders

CCS Machinery’s Dual Turret Winders are custom designed to allow our customers to run several types of product of different material, thickness, speed, width, and roll diameter to allow versatility within their manufacturing system.  These winders are available with many different features to assure a wide range of winding needs is accommodated, while maintaining excellent roll quality. 

Standards Features:

  • Precisely sized motors and drives to handle your most extreme requirements
  • COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) parts used to allow for quick access to spares
  • Forward and reverse winding 
  • Automated pressure control through the PLC
  • Precise tension control
  • Complete machine control from the HMI
  • Electronic tapered tension
  • Lay-on roll carriage or pivoting lay-on
  • Variable frequency AC drives
  • Closed-loop nip and spindle control
  • Remote access for servicing
  • Spindle torque control safety during manual roll transfer
  • Leading edge safety features

Optional Features: 

  • Shaftless winding
  • Bi-directional flying-knife auto transfer
  • Bi-directional flip-knife auto transfer
  • Slitting assemblies
  • Static transfer
  • Shaftless winding adapter for winding of any length